StoveCare™ - a new service contract (for an even warmer feeling)

If you have a woodburning stove, you'll already know the warm feeling those crackling logs and flickering flames can bring.  But even stoves - reliable and solid as they are - need servicing.  And keeping your chimney clean makes your woodburner work better, while being safer.  And some people never know the transformative difference the best logs can make to their stove.

So in response to customer demand, we are launching a new service to keep your stove at its best. It combines our famed customer care and impeccable workmanship in a cost-effective contract - like a mobile phone contract, but warmer!  

StoveCare™ includes an annual service, an annual sweep of your chimney, and a promise that if something breaks, we'll fix it for you.

StoveCarePlus™ is like StoveCare, with an added supply of kiln-dried logs sourced from sustainable forests. 

Choose from two easy payment methods:

  • Pay monthly - Pay as you Glow
  • Pay annually (ideal for the larger stoves) - All You Can Heat

To find out more: - 

  • Pop in to our Hexham shop

  • Call 01434 700 050

  • Email

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