Opus Melody GLS

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Opus Melody GLS

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The Melody GLS woodburning stove is the classic 5kw model from Opus, the European stove experts. The Opus Melody GLS has the addition of a single curved window which extends to the very edges of the woodburning stove for a sleek design. The addition of the glass creates a gently reflective surface, allowing the flames of the stove to take centre stage, framed by the rich black stove edges. 

The Melody GLS woodburning stove has the contemporary curved design that Opus is known for, so this biomass stove is ideal for adding a touch of elegance and design to any room. With the added log store, this Opus model includes space to house fuel for the night, to make maintaining your stove even easier. 

Also available without a log store, or as a SE model. The Opus Melody GLS SE is a highly efficient and clean burning stove which can be used in Smoke Control areas. 

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